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Terms and Conditions


1.1.The Online Shop (hereinafter - the Shop) (hereinafter - the Seller) sells products according to the Sale-Purchase rules (hereinafter - the Rules) approved by „“. 

1.2. The customer before registering oneself must become acquainted with the Rules. 

1.3. The user after having registered and made the order, becomes the Shop’s costumer (hereinafter 0 the Costumer), that obtains all rights and duties approved by the Rules. 

1.4. The Seller shall have the right to restrict the Customer’s rights or cancel registration at any time if the Customer defaults on the Rules. 

1.5. Referring to the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, the Seller shall have the right to change, correct or supplement the Rules without any prior warning to the Customer. New rules are approved since they are placed in the Shop. The orders of the Customer are fulfilled under the Rules of the order day. 

1.6. The seller is not in charge and shall not compensate any material damage for the Customer due to defaulting of conditions in the Rules. 


2.1. The Customer must register in the Shop providing necessary personal details. 

2.2. The registration of the Customer is confirmed automatically and the informative letter with the Customer’s access details is sent to the given e-mail. 

2.3. The Customer agrees that the Seller shall have the right to control the Customer’s personal data due to the cases given in the Rules. 

2.4. The Seller confirms that the Customer’s personal data will be used by ordering the products and their delivery.   

2.5. The Customer undertakes to keep his access details and not to assign to any third Party. If the Customer breaks this condition, the entire responsibility related to this falls on the Customer. The Customer must immediately inform the Seller about his access details disclosing. The Seller secures the Customer’s access. Another access is activated by the agreement of both the Parties. 

2.6. The Seller undertakes not to disclose personal data of the Customer and all information related to the order to any third parties, except the Seller partners, providing any services based on the order. Another case includes the disclosing of Customer’s personal details when it is required by a competent state institution under the law of the Republic of Lithuania or a written agreement by the Customer. 

2.7. The Seller undertakes to ensure the Customer’s personal data protection on the terms of law of the Republic of Lithuania. 


3.1. The confirmation of the order, when the Customer makes the order before getting acquainted with the Rules, is stated as a sale-purchase contract. Since then the Customer is obliged for ordered products to pay the amount of money agreed on acceptance day of the order and accept the products. 

3.2. The Contract is considered to be made when the Customer pays for the products and accepts them. 

3.3. Another significant part of this contract is appendix, that is, confirmed order being sent to the Customer’s email with all necessary information. 

3.4. The contract is discontinued when the order is cancelled by any Party or the Customer reasonably requires refund (all or partial) for the paid product, change the product into the same quality one, to eliminate any damage of the product or to make up for the expenses of repairing if the damage was eliminated by the Customer himself or by any third Party. 

3.5. For each order the new sale-purchase contract is made. 


4.1. The prices of the product in the Shop are final i.e. with 21 % VAT. 

4.2 The payment for the transport is given when the order is settled before its confirmation. 

4.3. The Customer for ordered products shall settle accounts by the given settlements ways. 

4.4. The Seller undertakes to give all relevant information needed to pay for ordered products, but shall not take any responsibilities due to improper service of the banks and any damages or mistakes by the Customer while making and fulfilling the bank transfer (the wrong bank account number, order code etc.) and any damages. 


5.1. Having found the product you wish, click the button to the Shopping bag. The product will be put into the shopping bag and you shall continue selecting goods 

5.2. If any product is not available at the moment, you will see the note temporarily unavailable. If there is a possibility, you may choose another product. 

5.3. The amount of the products can be seen in your shopping bag on the right top of the page in the field "Krepšelis"(Shopping bag), so you may control your products list. If you decided not to buy any of selected products, click the next button Delete and the product will be immediately deleted from the list  

5.4. If you want to enlarge the number of the same product, press the button Quantity write the number you wish or use ( + - ) buttons. 

5.5. Below the list of products you may see the price for the delivery and the final sum of the order. 


6.1. The price of delivery depends on the chosen delivery way. For further info about the price and delivery read here. 

6.2. The Customer gets both: ordered products and the invoice. 

6.3. The orders are taken every day but fulfilled just in weekdays. 


7.1. The Seller confirms that the Products meet all quantities requirements for such Products. Each Product is given a common description about it in the Shop. 

7.2. The Seller shall not be liable if the Products in the Shop don’t match their real color, shape or other features due to peculiarities of the made views by the Customers means of communication. In addition to this, the appearance of the products may also differ from the given in the Shop. 

7.3. The Seller is not in charge of deterioration of the Products if the Customer or people, that were given the Products by the Customer, used them improperly, the instructions and the requirements set by the manufacturer were not followed and broke the rules of transportation, keeping, usage or storage. Also if the external packaging or external visible defects of the Products are damaged, no agreement in writing upon delivery of the products or the deterioration is caused by the Customer or other people’s actions/ 


8.1.The defects of the purchased Products are removed, the Products in bad quality are returned and exchanged following "Products exchange and return rules authorised by the minister of Economy on 29th June 2001 under the law Nr 217 "For the confirmation of the rules of products return and exchange” 

8.2. The return price of the Products shall be paid by the Costumer if he shall not like them. The expenses of returned bad quality products will be paid by the Seller. 

8.3. The Seller accepts the Products from the Customer if the Product has not been used or damaged, original packaging, returned the whole set of the Product and the Customer present the purchase document. 

8.4. The product is not exchanged, the defects are not removed and there is no refund if these defects occurred due to defaulting the rules of the product use and storage. 


9.1. The Customer shall have the right: get the Product in a given price in the Shop, refuse the sale-purchase contract made by using means of communication giving a written notice to the Seller within14 (fourteen) calendar days since the delivery day of the Product if I was not damaged or its appearance did not change. The exception is treated when the contract is made due to individual order of the Customer. 

9.2. The Customer undertakes: follow all the Rules provided in the Shop, not to disclose his access details to any third Parties, present orders to the Seller under the procedure in the Rules, pay for the Products to the Seller, inform the Seller in case the personal data given during registration shall change, immediately update them and get acquainted with the Rules of the Shop. 

9.3. The Seller shall have the right: stop the work of the Shop at any time; change, update and correct the Rules; change the price and assortment of the Products; restrict or eliminate the registration and the usage of the Shop for the Customer in case the Customer shall do harm to the Shop or the Seller without any prior warning; invalidate the order if the Customer delays the payment or the order is made inaccurate or incorrect. 

9.4. The Seller undertakes: sell the Products and deliver sale-purchase contract to the Customer when he paid for them; sell the Products together and deliver then under the condition in the Rules; provide all necessary information about the Product in national language; give possibilities for the Customer to use any services of the Shop as it is settled in the Rules. 

9.5. The Customer is responsible for the fairness of his personal data as well as for the secure and disclosing of data to any third the Party. 

9.6. The Customer is responsible for his actions in the Shop. 

9.7. The Seller is not responsible for any damage or loss as the Customer did not get acquainted with the Rules (though the opportunity was given). 

9.8. The seller is not responsible for the ads and their accuracy made by third Parties in the Shop. 

9.9. The Parties agree that the guilty Party compensates all proximate damage. 


10.1. It is strictly forbidden without the Shop written permission to copy or spread “” information. 

10.2. The rules are made referring to the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the relations of the rules are applied by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. 

10.3. Both Parties undertake to solve all disagreements for the Rules fulfilling by negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the disagreements are investigated in a court. Registering in the Shop the Customer confirms that all information shall not be treated as recommendations for treating. All descriptions and notes in the Shop are general information and opinions of the manufacturers or the authors.